Transforming Industries through Blockchain Development

Experience the transformative potential of blockchain technology with Crumet Tech, where our team of curious and creative individuals collaborate seamlessly to deliver web3-based solutions that address the world's most pressing issues.

Trusted & Transparent

We pride ourselves on our unwavering commitment to radical transparency. Our open and honest communication ensures that you can trust us every step of the way.

Rich in Commitments

Our non-negotiable promises reflect our dedication to delivering results that truly inspire us. We never make commitments unless they align with our motivation and drive for excellence.

Driving Progress with Passion

Our relentless passion for progress drives us to excel in every client project. We prioritize impact and strive for excellence, leaving no room for compromise.

Smart Contract Development

Streamline and optimize your operations with our comprehensive end-to-end Smart Contract development services, guaranteeing secure, efficient, and error-free execution of agreements, transactions, and automated processes.

Smart Contract Development

NFT Marketplace

Enter the world of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) with our comprehensive NFT token and marketplace development solutions, which enable seamless creation, trading, and management of unique digital assets, including art, music, videos, and more.

NFT Marketplace

DeFi Development

Explore the decentralized finance landscape with our DeFi solutions, encompassing yield farming platform development, IDO support, Smart Contract deployment, token creation, and wallet services for a seamless DeFi experience.

DeFi Development

DApp Development

Transform your business with our blockchain-based DApp development expertise, delivering transparent, privacy-enhanced, and secure decentralized applications tailored to your specific requirements.

DApp Development

Empowering Startups for Big Business Success

Accelerate your startup's growth into a thriving business with our comprehensive range of services

App Development

Tailor-made web and mobile applications, expertly engineered to meet your unique business needs.

Legacy System Modernization

Upgrading and transforming outdated legacy systems into modern, efficient, and scalable software solutions.

Software integration

Leverage our expertise in software integration to improve your business operations.

Cloud Services

Secure and scalable cloud solutions that optimize business operations and data management.

Digital Marketing

Boost online presence, maximize reach, and drive conversions across diverse media platforms.

Digital Consulting

Our research-driven approach lays a solid foundation and develops effective strategies to drive your startup's growth.


What's Buzzing around?

Unveiling the fruits of Crumet's invaluable experiences

Linus Chee

Crumet helped us reduce our development time by 50%.

Crumet helped us reduce our development time by half when we outsourced the development of Netvrk Reserve, a decentralized, autonomous entity that holds long-term assets and handles distributions benefiting its citizens. Crumet delivered the product ahead of schedule, which allowed us to stay on track with our roadmap.

Linus Chee

Co-Founder & CEO at netvrk
Subash Bhattarai

Impressed by the First Version.

We worked with Crumet to establish a digital system for farmers. Crumet is a team of smart people who understand the emerging market and excel in blockchain in-depth. They deliver excellence in their products and services.

Subash Bhattarai

CTO at DV Excellus
Impressed by the First Version.
Impressed by the First Version.
Kyle O'Reilly

Glad to be their long term friend.

With a longstanding collaboration dating back to 2017, Crumet has been our trusted partner across multiple projects. When the need arose to outsource certain initiatives, Crumet's evident experience, professionalism, and impressive final deliverables reaffirmed our confidence in their capabilities.

Kyle O'Reilly

Glad to be their long term friend.
Glad to be their long term friend.


Streamlined Project Workflow

Agile Scrum-based approach ensuring efficient project management

Step 1

Requirement Gathering

Develop a detailed "Business Requirement" document and provide project quotation.

Step 2

Product Prototyping

Execute swift prototyping, completing coding work in a condensed timeline.

Step 3

Rigorous Testing

Conduct rigorous testing, with a special focus on blockchain projects.

Step 4

Timely Product Delivery

Timely delivery, walkthrough, feedback incorporation, and one-month complimentary service.

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